He may have walked on ice?

2006-04-04 @ 22:16 in Ankapobeny

I have just read how Reuters.com reported Professor Doron Nof's theory on that miracle when Jesus walked on the water. According to Nof, Jesus may have walked on a floating piece of ice... since there could be some combination of water and atmospheric conditions that would led to ice formation on the Sea of Galilee.

My first (and not very deep) reaction to such affirmation is that here, Prof. Nof just took out of the context this miracle. When this story happened (Mk. 6. 47-51), Jesus had just fed a multitude (I don't want to say any number here) of people. And after that, there were many people who came to him to be cured. So this event cannot be separated from all those series of miracles. If we have to justify, scientifically how Jesus walked on the water, then we would need to justify all the miracles before and after it.

Then, we can maybe put some questions linked to Nof's affirmation. For instance if such combination of water and atmospheric conditions would form some blocks of ice or just one, upon which Jesus could stand. How big would that block be? And how could he get that? In the Gospel, there was a tempest; how could he stay on that block of ice? How long would he be there, considering the wind and his clothes? etc...

Third, as I said in the first part, this miracle is not the biggest one that Jesus did. There is especially the resurrection. All the miracles in the Bible are there to show the glory of the risen Christ. Jesus did them to lead us slowly to accept his death and resurrection. So any theory treating any miracle Jesus did would not be very useful it isn't able to reply to the resurrection...

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