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Is it worth continuing?

2008-08-11 @ 08:56 in Eritreritra mandalo

After what happened last week when I lost a server, I really didn't sleep the following night thinking if I should continue offering services to people keeping their data etc.

Almost all services offered by serasera are linked with people. Before, I used to keep data in some free stores like free.fr where I know they will be well kept. Member's photos and some files were stored for months without any problem. But later, when there were many things to store because of the growing number of users, and to make a more optimized data load, I had to move them inside serasera and then the need of a dedicated server.

To have a dedicated server is the best thing to do, but it is time consuming, more expensive and needs more skills. Of course one dedicated server is even not enough to make a redundant disk access (with RAID, for example). I do have, just for serasera, three dedicated servers but some sites consume too much resources, so I cannot put all of them in the same server and make the others just like copy servers. All three servers are full servers and datas are backed-up in different places. The problem is that backups can be corrupted or lost.That's what unfortunately happened last week.. and it is frustrating. So what to do? Is it worth continuing?

If I should continue then:

- I need more structure (a complete RAID server to keep servers synchrounous among them or many backup systems), then I need more investment... how much and from where? 

- I need more time. Having 1 hour a day in the evening when I am already tired is not enough. I think I should use more of my free time to manage the server. This can be done if I drop all my other secondary works.

- I need more support 


Momba ahy

Ho hitanao ato ny isandroko. Angoniko ato mba hovakiako indray any aoriana any :-)

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